Tuesday, January 6, 2009

dear all

dear readers:
i wont be blogging anymore.
my life sux.
thkx for reading all these while.
by the way im back in jb.
it's a surprise. as it should be.
going back to aus soon though.
miss everybody.
*big hugx*

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

byebye =(

i really dont like to say gdbye...
even though it has been quite some time,
i still misses everyone...
taka-the vr fun n mean japanese guy.
i think he is the 1 n only jap guy tht speaks really well.
at least we r able to understand.
love ya~ wishing u all the best^^
taka+bev(the jap wannabe) XD
japanese with their 'peace' sign. hehe^^
he asked me to cover his tshirt thts y.
i forgot wats the meaning of those jap wording d =p
bought him a tshit n a card. so mean!
our secret tht only both of us can understand. haha!
n then... aslam left too... =(
he is big but he is really nice^^
i still rmb how we met in the dinning hall.
haha... he went back n he is gonna get married.
wow! he promised to sent pics =p
made his a card n also bought some little gift for him.
glad u like it! *hugx*
ok la i look small la.
meet tiffany~
gorgeous girl from new zealand^^
i help her n her family when they 1st arrive.
they really appreciate it n im happy to help.
it's nice meeting new ppl.
not forgetting josephine from fiji.
i forgot to take pics with her -_-
she was my new housemate. hehe^^
vr vr extremely nice n frenly.
i was so happy to receive all her notes n all everyday.
n b4 she left, i bought her some chocolate n made her a card.
she did the same too! so thoughtful! both of us i mean XD
ah... but everybody left d...
donno when will we meet again~


Thursday, December 4, 2008


gd morning sunshine~
baby bev is feeling gd today.
she woke up really early.
slpt at 4 but woke up at 6 smthg.
no class, no ntg, might be going to the uni library later.
well, i hv no idea wat to blog about actually.
it is actually quite happening nowadays,
just tht i need to organize n gather all the photos...
yes, troublesome la =p
thus i become lazy to blog. but i will.
by the way, called my family last night. i miss everybody.
i called my 2nd aunt first, i think she is quite happy.
which im glad. her concern is always bout my twin cousins.
of cos la... as a mother. i can understand.
hope to c her soon n of cos i miss her cooking lots.
(food here sux) i mean in mc gregor =X
i then called my mum, but she didnt pick up.
LOL! y my mum so busy 1 huh? haha...
anyway she did call me back^^
then called my small aunt, talk to her a little,
then my precious meagan n sammie,
then talk to my grandma also. i missed her birthday celebration.
which im actually quite upset bout it. sobx...
but im really pleased tht she did enjoyed. my grandma is 82! hehe^^
oh ya then i called my uncle of cos.
ok, wat i wanna say bout the calls tht i made is tht
they all ask me the same question:
how r u? have enough money to use or not?
wan me to send u money not? LOL
dont worry la. im quite rich still leh XD
if i no money sure say 1. haha...
i think my family vr gd to me la... how la... vr touching sia =p
anyway, i miss everybody. cant wait to go back home.
went for "outing" yesterday with richmond.
it has been quite some time since im stuck at home n uni.
he was bored too. so we went out together.
i woke up late but he was even later XD
but he was vr fast la... guy no need to make up ma... haha!
n i realise i took so many pics but ended up didnt take any together.
so we went for lunch, movie, shopping~
it has been ages since i last catch a movie...
yala... i admit im outdated la. =p
we watch James Bond 007's Quantum of Solace
not bad not bad~
he was... ya.... carrying my bag obviously.
cos my bag heavy leh....
i keep teasing him tht he looks like gay XD
so bad la me... but he keep saying im short. bad also.
how can i ever resist this!
he kepoh wanna take pic also =p
aftertht he went n fetches his nephew in mirambeena.
the place wer i work b4. so i followed him.
keke! his nephew dont let me hug la... so sad...
anywer, i went back home aftertht as i promised to hv dinner with my college frens.
my hair vr long d...
my legs like vr tan d.... =(
i like my simple outfit^^
not forgetting my all time favourite * converse * alright ppl... my hair long d...
n i feel like cutting...
can sm1 pls tell me not to cut my hair?
im gonna be like really, seriously ugly if i ever cut it.
but but but.... just feel like cutting -_-
anywer, im actually vr tired. haha...
thk u richmond for the outing~
i got to go to the uni now since im so free =p
hv a good day ppl~

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

miss u guys... ='(

im so lonely, so i decided to tell u i miss u^^
it was benben, junjun n rand rand's farewell...
sobx... they treated jade n i for lunch~
it was the last day of the semester n they r leaving the next day.
bevbev n junjun
with the guys b4 we eat^^
our food! looks gd n taste gd! yum yum~
jun jun n bevbev again
n again. haha!
benben n bevbev^^
randrand n bevbev~
all together^^
3 little monekys XD
this is the usual them =p
we n jade while crossing the street. haha!
im vr happy with my pokka aloe vera lo. miss sg!
went to the uni club as i force boy n jun to go =p
cos me n jade was so excited tht we done for the semester^^
boy n i^^
i donno wats with my legs there....
jade n i^^
i was a bit drunk XD my face was so red.
n i only drank a few slip nia. lousy sia....
boy is always slpy =p he didnt slp.
i also didnt slp wat XD i can still open my eyes leh.
us with nick aka jun
to my dear junjun:
u realise smthg?
most of our individual pics r gone sia!
LOLX! it's ok la.
i know u have my pics =p
sad sia... haha... u sad not? XD
anywer, i miss u lots...
mc gregor is so dam boring n u know im dam scare of insects =(
smtimes i wish u were still in ur room la
whenever i passby there...
but i know u r enjoying ur life in msia la now.
haha! so just enjoy urself^^
dont worry bout me cos barble they all vr sayang me.
hehe!! oh ya! forgot to tell u it's so hot now la!
luckily u give me ur small little cute fan =p thk u!!
congrats tht u hv graduate! ^^
take care n hv fun~

dear benben:
im so envy at u...
with all the good food surrounding u.
haha!! btw congrats tht u hv graduate!
miss u guys...
it was really a pity tht we didnt really get to spent much time tgt.
n we only get to play ping pong once.
so sad sia... it was so much fun...
haix... u guys should hv asked me to join earlier. LOL
it was really fun to hv u around~
u were so much fun^^
always bring us lots of laughter. haha!
anywer, good luck n all the best to u benben!
dear randrand:
u said u gonna come back 1...
then u said u not coming back... haix...
u were in sg isnt it... i wanna go back sg la....
n y u seldom online? we always chat online 1 leh...
dont lose contact pls. update me when u r free k?
thkx for taking nice pics for us all the time.
not gonna forget u dont worry =p
no matter u r coming back or not,
all the best to u~
u r still young, just do wat u wanna do^^
take care!

dear ah boy:
i miss u like hell can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so lonely ='(
luckily u vr kind to call me very often since u went back.
but i think now u too busy with gf seldom call me d.
LOLX!! anywer, i miss u so much seriously....
nobody acc me nobody save me.... luckily still hv min.
a lot of stories to tell u la. lol!
when we meet i will tell u. keke!
dont forget u promise to come back next year ya
if u bluff me u know wat will happened la =p
i hope this month faster pass by then i can go back msia^^
i said vr fast 1 right? dont lie me.

miss u guys lots.......
smtimes i think when i lost it, only i came to realise it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie min XD 26/11

happy birthday to sweetie min as mentioned =p
well, cos his gf calls him sweetie,
so saja je wanna call him sweetie XD
so me n jade get ready as he invite us for dinner^^
he cooked! yes he can cook. vr well smmore.
my main dish. lol.
i must take pics 1st =p
happy them~
happy girls~
so jade n i got him FCUK polo tee n made a bd card~
he looks happy with his polo t^^
he then read the card we made.
a vr 'tricky' card. LOL
well only we know the story =p
happy couple. jealous-nya
happy us!
happy 21st^^
u r my hero man...
always rescue me.
thk u!

i love my spec XD

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

shop till drop session

finally this post is up to date -_-
jade n i went brisbane for 'shop till drop' session
as we finish the semester. wanna award n relax ourselves.
lynn joined us^^
pardon me for my slpy face.
i didnt slp. thts y.
cos we need to catch the bus at 6.45
i need to wake up at 5.30.
so i didnt slp AT ALL.
happy girls~
waiting for the bus at the terminal.
they r vr punctual mind u.
say leave at 8 then sure leave at 8.
the funny thg is tht they kinda check attendance.
vr cute la =p
anywer, while waiting, take pics!
i dont look too slpy do i?
me n my jade. keke!
she said i look big -_-'''
she look so thin tht makes me looks fat!
me n lynn~
im not vr fat la...
we exchange our guess watch. haha...
this is hers n she was wearing mine.
luckily i went, of not i think jade sure lost her way XD
the 'ball' in the city.
then off we hit at queens street!!
black=me =p
FCUK. another black -_-
went LV, of cos didnt buy la.
their service is so so gd~ ^^
c my bags?
since when become so many...
all ours =pi look happy with my bags ^^
even happier~ haha!
happy us!!!

1 day trip was fun~
we will go again next time^^
dont ask me how much ive spent.
u wont wanna know.